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    ordering online has never been so hard !!

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    condensedanonsouls asked: Uh, this is really stupid and vague, but can you point me towards how you found out about all this professional art stuff like portfolios and art schools and just how the cartoon industry works in general? I'm still new to art and still pretty naive, and after seeing a bunch of creators I can guess by now that getting your own cartoon is a far way off, but I still don't know anything about the process of becoming a professional that knows how the industry works or how to get recognized and stuff


    hey buddy ! sorry fr answering so late …

    hmm in my case it was :
    at 6 years old I wanted to be a person that draws
    at 8 I realized there are no such things so I thought I’d be an illustrator
    at 10 I found out about comics so I wanted to be a comic artist
    at 12 I found out about manga so I wanted to be a mangaka
    at 16 I was like OK lets get a ‘real’ job
    at 18 people started to tell me to look into “art counselling” events (I have no idea how you’d call that in English, but basically in France we have this event in Paris where all the artsy school advertise about themselves). And I thought I might as well work in the animation industry (also I started making flash animation at like 16)

    now, when I was in high school I had no idea about portfolios or anything. so basically I was lucky to get in this ‘intensive preparation art school’ because it taught me a lot about how to make a portfolio (at that moment though, I knew I wanted to attend gobelins).

    now about becoming a pro, you have many ways to go about this. nowadays, with the internet and social medias, it’s way easier (in the way you can get in touch with creator through twitter,  like JG Quintel hired some story artist by posting on twitter he was hiring) and also a lot harder (since everyone is sharing everything, the more motivated peeps will work harder and study harder thx to all the materials .. so everyone is getting better, and you have to keep being better than everyone else, in a positive non competitive way !)

    getting recognized ? I have no idea. sometimes on the internet you’re just lucky and all of a sudden you have lots of followers. It’s not my case, i’m the kind of person who produces a lot of material, and slowly people start getting interested in my stuff. I dunno, I guess there is no method for recognition.

    as far as knowing how the industry works, I really actually grasped the reality of it when I started working for it. You can try to get an internship if schooling is too expensive. Also industry people are really into motivated peeps that work well in teams. Team work is definitely a BIG thing for you to be a good element. That’s why I said motivation will be your greatest strength in the end : 

    Who wouldn’t wanna work with someone happy, optimistic, and who tries his/her best all the time ? someone who always strives for better and is eager to learn, understand, share and get constructive criticism ? In my opinion, a good attitude will always be the greatest quality of someone working in art. OH ! be curious, creative, love teamork ! I think I said it all :)

    PS : I wnated to make a mini comic out of that, but I have 3 anon asks I wanna answer with mini comics. Anons stay put, I think about you everyday !!!

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    Anonymous asked: hello! I'm thinking of attending Gobelins...but I can't find much information about it so I hope you can help me. First of all, I heard that you need some animation experience...but what kind of experience? professional experience? if yes, where did you study before you got in Gobelins? please...tell me your steps, how did you study and everything. I really need some help here. thank you!




    hey buddy !

    Good you mentionned gobelins, you’re actually not the first person to ask me about the school.

    Gobelins is really starting to open up to international students, fare is 6500€ per year and schooling lasts 4 years. It’s a blend of 2D and 3D teaching, with a BIG emphgasis on animation (rather than design and story board, background design or other ..)
    Thing is, since you spend so much time on animation, you’ve gotta have solid draftman skills to  attend. In my case, you can find a link here to the portefolio that got me in :

    but tbh, this isn’t what you wanna have. You wanna be way better than this in order to take in a maximum of informations. I was always behind, struggling with my poor drawing abilities with too little time to apply all the animation rules and guidelines you’re being taught.
    You don’t need professional experience, even if this could be a plus. Professional from the industry will be evaluating your portefolio + “written” exam (more like drawn exam) so remember their expectations are industry level thus … strive for your best.

    In my own particular case, I graduated from high school in France (with an option in sciences, this was to be sure I could drop out of drawing and get a “proper” job in case) then got in an intensive preparation art school. We took 8 hours of life drawing a week, observation drawinh etc .. I took the gobelins entrance exam twice : once on senior year of high school (obviously didnt get in), once after this preparation art school (and then got in). The school I attended was : l’atelier de sèvres. Now schooling there has changed a lot, so I’m not sure it’s that relevant to get in if you wanna try out for gobelins.

    on a side note, you can self train by drawing at least 8 hours a day (this is what you’ll do i the industry anyway, so the earlier you get used to it …), drawing A LOT from observation (go to the zoo, if you don’t have a zoo, a park with like ducks and animals, and draw your pet, draw anything, glue your pen to your hand). Then life drawing, again and again and again….
    and when you can’t take it anymore, draw some more. you’ll see you’ll make great progress thx to observation. TRy to get in some colo studies, shape design and creative stuff like that, but if you’re really into gobelins, think draftsmanship first.

    here are a bunch of other portefolios that got students in gobelins as well :
    dunno if this got in, but honestly it hope it did :

    Hopefully this is some help. Cheers and good luck man, never give up. Motivation will be your greatest strenght in the end.

    Thought this could be of interest ?

    reblogging because I have more followers now, and I’m thinking this could be interesting to some of you ? :) (btw veestrainingcamp is my fanart tumblr hahaha)

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    I got a bike ! I got a bike ! Tokyo you’re mine now har har har !!!

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    ahhh sorry I couldn’t update before ! I started working again, so I have less time, but I really wanna keep making these ^u^

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    This is the trailer of the TV series I’m storyboarding on !!! click the little square thing to see it :) it’s coming out on Disney XD by the end of 2014 !!

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    These posts are super long, because it’s just the beginning of the trip ! In a few days things will calm down and posts will be shorter ^^ I’ll post more characters and other drawings too soon !

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    second day in tokyo !!! a lot is happening atm, so I have to cramm it all up in 0 pages, but in one week I think I’ll have smaller strips going ^^

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    we laned safely ! we even have our own place now ! :) last picture is our place with my “portableworkstation” haha ! next strp tomorrow ^^
    I’ll make a prologue too, to explain how we decided to go to Japan :)

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    well ! I hope this won’t bore you to death :D
    By the way, I got a bunch of anon asks I WANT TO ANSWER. But I wanna do it properly, so please stay put :3

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    Doodles I made during work !  This is the main character of the series I’m storyboarding on :D  you should check out the studio’s facebook page haha HERE

    I just cleaned them up really really fast before getting back to work on my storyboard ^^

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    Bordel, j’ai cru que j’y arriverai jamais! Ce design d’Anbo m’a rendu fou, j’ai sûrement laissé un oeil et un poignet sur cette séquence…

    (inspired by some Gundam fight sequences for the key frames…)


    fanimation gif of Anbo, the main character of the comics series I draw in

    Chaud Nem Jump ! Get the fanzine HERE

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Shabby Chubz - Catapult - H5

traditional doodle for Sport d’Hiver :)


    Shabby Chubz - Catapult - H5

    traditional doodle for Sport d’Hiver :)

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    Chaud Nem Jump #3

    Get it here !

    Facebook Tumblr Twitter Shop

    this is a really cool fanzine I participate in ! you should totally get it :D

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    my last life drawing class before I leave to Japan :)
    the lucky winner for this sketchbook is 
    I’ll have more sketchbook giveaways coming, I dunno when the next one will be but hey; just follow to keep in touch :)

    these life drawings are ranging from 1 to 3 minutes per sketch, ink on paper

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